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One of my favourite places on the web since I become Iconist was Iconmaniac.
Now this great web returns and comes with great design, cool ideas... and new icons.
Great job Jason, I hope you stay tunned to our little personal world of icons for a long long time.
This is the first web on the history of the Iconstree rated with five golden apples... login at this web and visit the diferent sections...
Ill see you on the forum.

(09-02-2002) NEWS: I´M BACK ¡¡


Hi there my friends¡
Im back from my vacances with lots of new experiences and fun, but now, im ready to work and give you the very best of my creative power :-D.
I expect to know about your vacances too... see you on the net.



I have been outside this weekend, sorry about not to update, but I have been on the San Fermines Party, on Pamplona (Spain) Lot of fun and dance, with my friends.
Ill update tomorow with a new cursors set for you.
Sorry again and I hope we could meet on San Fermines 2003 next year. ;-)

(06-27-2002) REVIEW: ICON TOWN


There is some pages on the net that can be considered as "Clasics of The Icons World" and This is one of them.
Since my first time on the web looking for Icons I have visited the Icon Town... and It has been growing and becoming better since that day. There is a lot of contributions, like the Icon Wax (my last review) This is a common proyect for all the iconist and pixelart people of the web, I have send submission lot of times, but they dont publish it... :-(
I hope you take a walk to the Icon Town and enjoy with this little creations, (Important: See the classic town view)

(06-24-2002) REVIEW: ICON WAX


This is an icons Museum and a really cool Idea, well designed and with some great aportation from most of the Iconist from the web.
I have made the Spiderman Icon for the museum, this is only a little aportation for the web.
Visit this cool web and tell me your impressions:



The great winner from the last edition of PixelPalooza (he wins me jeje, I hate you¡) Has released some new world cup icons on his personal web.
I love the detailed little pixels pushed by this japanese pixel artist, but I am expecting you to create the Raul Icon from the spanish selection ;-).
The design of the web is quite simple but clear and cute...
I see you on the next pp edition.

(06-01-2002) The Iconstree has become an icon news site: You will find news, reviews and contests on future updates,
I want to dedicate this site to those people how has support my sites on their webs and keep my ilusion alive: Mindy from Iconfactory, Jason from Iconmaniac and Sarah from Iconparade (yes we still remember you).

I will keep working with new updates... so dont forget to visit my diferent sections, news will be updated daily... but Icons sets, wallpapers, cursors, etc... as soon as possible.

(05-30-2002) Why this change?: I have decide to change the concept of IconsTree because some people have contact me asking for Icon news, I use to visit all the principal webs about Icons to see their last creations but now... I want to share my impresions with you.
This will never be like the best of the best icons web page "IconFactory" this is not my intention, I start two years ago making icons for Topicons, later I become the owner of the web and I must start charging for icons... (the server was so expensive and I have no money) so I decided to create another FREE web about this wonderfull world of icons... The IconsTree.
This will be my personal focus and portal for all of you... icon creators. I hope to have a great participation... with lot of new sections... a forum... etc, but this will be on next updates.

Best regards:
Juan Manzano.

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