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3-24-02 Space Bugs have come to IconsTree ¡ with my old personal pixelart design style...
I hope you realy love them... because they are really cool guys¡


3-7-02 You can change your trash can on iconstree right now¡¡¡
Choose one of this 9 icons and replace it from your original ones.

  12-24-01 New Robot´s live set, there is 10 icons with absolutely original robots.
Choose your favourite and use it on your desktop.

  12-17-01 Finally you can complete your christmas theme with this new icons ¡¡
I will give you more surprises soon for this christmas so come back often to download my cursors or new icons.

  11-22-01 I know I should be working on Christmas or thanks giving, but I have got this idea and dont want to lose my chance to create this cool set.
Dont lose yours too and Download this "Animals in balls" ;-)

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